IBR Roof Waterproofing – BitumProof SA

IBR Roof Waterproofing

Preparation: ( 5 – 8 days)

  • Remove existing waterproofing (derby gum) and uninstall Masonite boards
  • CLEAN & Blow Dry Entire Roof.
  • Inspect Roof – sealing of all Flashings, cracks, joints, Roof screws, nuts & bolts using Polyurethane mastic (BP-3000)
  • Fill all cavities/gaps with polyurethane filler foam where necessary.
  • Application of Epoxy Primer XL 100 to entire roof.
  • Application of paz Poly (non-woven) membrane on all joints, overlaps & screws .

Waterproofing: (2 – 3 days)

  • Application of top coat (1,5mm thick) Acrylpaz spray (colour)

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Seal joints & screws

Installation of membrane

Top coat acrylpaz

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