Rising Damp Walls 2 – BitumProof SA

Rising Damp Walls

Digging down to Foundation


  • Dig down to foundation
  • Chop plaster to brick work
  • Extend foundation
  • Waterproofing
  • Backfill
  • Re-plaster

Preparation 1

Dig down

  • Dig down along the wall from ground until foundation level.

Preparation 2


  • Chop the wall plaster off, up to brickwork from ground to 1m high.

Preparation 3

Extend Foundation

  • Pour concrete with C-36 Admix to extend foundation lip.

NB* Create a step & hook to join old foundation

Waterproofing 1


  • Application of cementiuos latex Sealpaz TWO COATS from extended foundation onto the brickwork up to 1m above ground.

Waterproofing 2

Elastopaz/Easy Flex

  • Application of Elastopaz/Easy Flex TWO COATS from foundation up to 1m high


  • Installation of GEO-FABRIC onto the treated wall

Back Fill

  • Back fill the trench with soil up to ground level.

Plaster Preparation

Cement Slush

  • Application of cement slush onto the exposed waterproofing from ground level up to existing plaster.

Re – Plaster

  • Application of plaster cement, same level to the existing.

Wall Paint Primer

  • Application of Sealpaz onto new and existing wall plaster to act as a paint primer.

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